28 May 2021

This has been a productive term for the Year 3s. We have seen positive attitudes, resilience, and great progress in our learning. We are proud to see our children demonstrating their best versions of themselves.  

For Writing, we focused on non-chronological reports about our favourite animals. We explored interesting facts about a range of animals. Did you know, zebras have black skin with white stripes on top? We researched, planned, and finally wrote our very own reports that included plenty of fascinating facts about wild animals which the children enjoyed sharing with the class.

DT has been all about pop-up books and creating our own versions. Matthew Reinhart was our focused artist. Some of our key questions that we have covered in this unit included how do mechanisms connect and how important is the “v-fold”? Have a look at his website for more information: http://www.matthewreinhart.com/pop-up-templates/

In Maths, we have been looking at fractions, focusing on adding fractions with the same denominator. We then transferred these skills to looking at half and quarter turns, and horizontal and vertical lines. We are currently learning to read an analogue clock and to write the time to 5 minutes. 

Forces and Magnets has been our topic in Science this term. We explored the types of forces, for example: friction, gravity, magnetic and tension and how these forces work around us.

We thoroughly enjoyed investigating how different materials move on different surfaces and using a force-meter to investigate how many newtons are used when these items are being pulled.

We also experimented with magnets exploring how magnetic forces work. We learnt the meaning of repel and attract and why these are important when talking about magnets.

We have explored more of our wider curriculum looking at Music this term. Our focus was the “Dragon song”. We used a Glockenspiel to follow the beat of the music and play along in time. We’ve all really enjoyed learning about a new musical instrument.

We enjoyed 'Nature Day' and learnt about the importance of getting outside to improve our mental health. Even simple things such as growing a house plant can help relieve the pressures of daily life by keeping us in a calm and healthy mindset.