25 May 2021


In Maths, we have been focusing on counting in threes. We have listened to some funny songs to help us remember them. We have also been practising telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. This is a tricky concept especially when we have to say how many minutes to the next hour. We are asking all of our adults at home to help us with this.


We have been learning all about Australia in Geography and comparing this to the UK. We have enjoyed finding out about the states and territories and how the weather in Darwin is very hot all year around. We have explored how Christmas is different in Australia and the UK and had fun dressing up two of the boys in our class ready for a Christmas day walk considering what sort of clothes they might need. Some of us decided we would like to spend Christmas in Australia so we could go surfing or have a BBQ but lots of us still preferred to stay in the UK in case we get snow.


In English, we have completed our poems based on Pie Corbett’s  ‘A recipe to make a wolf’. All of the teachers have been really impressed with our creativity and how we made comparisons with other animals. 

We have also been working on writing a balanced argument based on if we should have a new school. In class, we had a debate and the children had some very good arguments for and against the new building. Some of these included “It will cost too much money and take too long” and on the other side “our school now is old, and it will give us nice clean classrooms and a nice play area”. 


We have been rocking out in Music this half term and learning about how a band is made up in our topic ‘I wanna play in a band’. We’ve learnt about listening to a song carefully and thinking about what instruments we can hear. Our favourite one so far is ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen. We have started to learn how to play the glockenspiel in time with the music and have been using our voices as another instrument. Make sure you ask us and we can sing it for you. 


Over this half term we have studied and learnt about different towers. We have explored some local towers and some in other parts of Europe. We have designed our own towers, created technical drawings and made a prototype.

As a challenge, in teams, we had to create the tallest tower out of dried spaghetti, tape, string and it had to hold a marshmallow on the top. It was a lot harder than we first thought but we persevered and worked together. After this we thought carefully about what we learnt and how we can use this in our own designs.