18 May 2021

This term, the children have been learning about 'Narratives' in English. We looked at a story called "Tracey the Adventurous Penguin” by Alison Coggs. We acted out the story and learnt different vocabulary, such as iceberg and icicles.

The children then made their own version of the story where they chose their own character from the Arctic Circle. The children then thought of a problem that the character may have and then had to think of a solution for their story. The children then wrote up a neat version and illustrated the pictures - we called this publishing. We then read them to each other.

Before each English session the children have really enjoyed the warm-up activities. Some of these have included thinking of as many nouns, verbs or adjectives as possible. Some of the activities included writing sentences about a picture. 

In Maths, we have learnt about number lines and 3D shapes. Within our arithmetic, we have continued to practise our number bonds, addition, subtraction multiplication, division and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

In Geography this term, we have been learning about the Arctic Circle. We have learnt about physical and human features, the climate and the animals. We have learnt about which countries are in the Arctic Circle and made flags for them. The children really enjoyed watching video clips of the Northern lights too! We have also been comparing the Arctic circle to our country.

In reading skills, we have continued to read 'The Enchanted Woods' by Enid Blyton. We have been acting out the story so far in the classroom, in the Key Stage 1 play area and in the woods! The children have met all kinds of characters such as Silky, Moon Face, Mr Whats-its-name and Dame Washalot!  

Within Science, we are learning about the four seasons. The children have learnt about when they occur, what they should wear for each one, different festivals in each season and how it affects animals.

For one of our science lessons we went to the woods. We began by having a spring walk. We looked for any clues that might tell us that it was spring. The children found buds on the trees, heard birds singing and saw sleepy bees that had just woken up from hibernation. The children then made a house in the woods for all the sleepy animals that have just woken up from hibernation. We even saw a fox and a deer!

For one of our good deeds this term for 11 before 11, we wrote a kind note to someone and gave it to them.