29 March 2021

In Maths, Rosen class have just finished the topic of multiplication and division. Some of us started this in the bubble and others started in remote learning. We are now on to measurement where we have had so much fun measuring different parts of the classroom and we are soon going to be using measuring to make some cakes!

English we have just finished our recounts of Christopher Columbus finding the Americas. We learnt all about in history and we at the moment we are learning about Neil Armstrong in history. We have now gone onto English newspaper reports where we had a visit from Silky and the other creatures from the Enchanted woods who messed up our classroom and left a letter!

In reading skills, we are enjoying the book of 'The Enchanted Woods'. We have acted out many parts and have really enjoyed the book so far!

When we were in bubbles, Rosen class bubble made pancakes for pancake day; they were so yummy! In the bubble, we also made some dens as part of our “go outdoors” in PSHCE. It was so much fun!

In Science, we are learning about materials and their properties. We have had a few material and properties hunts around the school to find different materials and their properties. We also did a science experiment to see what the best material would be for an umbrella, so we needed to find out which materials were waterproof.

In RE, we have been learning about special objects. Some children brought in a picture of a special object that they have at home. The children discussed why it was special for them. Mrs Tahir also brought in her own special object from home and discussed it with the class.

During Red Nose Day the children had so much fun! We discussed what it was and also played a game of putting the red nose onto the panda!

This term the children have won the best attendance award for having 100% attendance. The children decided on a movie and hot chocolate as well as inside/outside play and making themselves toast.