26 March 2021

First and foremost, I have to say how amazing it is to have the children back in school. We have all missed them and it has been so lovely to hear the classroom and school full of noise and the discussions of learning and laughter. The children in Year 4 have come back incredibly well and settled in. They are a testament to you and an example of what true resilience looks like! In fact, resilience was a key theme for some of the activities and discussions we had on Comic Relief day. As a class, we discussed what resilience was and how we have shown it. We then worked in pairs to complete some activities which enabled the children to show their resilience.

In Maths, the children have been focusing on Fractions and decimals. We have been using the bar model to support us, as well as our knowledge of multiples. This is a key area for all the children and something we have been practising a lot. The children now have a Timetable Rockstars log-in which is a fun and interactive way for the children to practise!

In Literacy, we have been exploring 'Newspaper Articles'. There was even a real-life theft in the class(!) to investigate. We had a video message from the police who told us we needed to examine the evidence, including collecting quotes from Miss Sanghera, watching the CCTV clip and reading some text messages sent between a mysterious Mr B and his accomplice. We then used all this information to create our own Newspaper article! #Read all about it!

Our History topic has taken us to the Roman Empire. The children have learnt about when the Romans invaded Britain, how Boudica defended her land and also about why the Roman Empire was so vast and so powerful.

In Science, the children have been discovering how we can change states of matter. We have experimented with water and have planned an experiment using different materials. We first had to understand what made a fair test and what our variable would be. The children were able to make accurate predictions based on what we already know and then collected data to interpret.

Finally, we have been talking as a class about how we can be our best versions, and what this would look like. We worked with the children to discuss the “steps to success” we would need to be our best versions. Simple steps, like getting a good night sleep and eating well and more thoughtful steps in terms of being proud of our achievements. We then listed 3 or 4 key qualities that would show this and the children came up with some fantastic discussion points.