24 January 2021

Happy New Year! What a way to start 2021! I miss you all a lot and can’t wait until we’re all back in the classroom together! It’s been great seeing so many of you on our video calls though! It brightens up my day!

During this third lockdown, the children have been working incredibly hard to continue their learning in the same way they would have done at school! I have been blown away with the effort and level of engagement over this incredibly difficult period.

One thing that has really impressed me is the way the children have been able to apply the skills, knowledge and learning processes we have developed in school.

As you will see, the children’s arithmetic and reading skills have been on show as they continued where they left off before the Christmas break!

We also completed our first piece of lockdown writing following our three-week process and created a discussion text: Should Children do Homework? There were some compelling arguments on both sides!

In Science, we have been exploring animals (including humans) and researching different aspects of them including their diet and how their teeth are used!

Highlights from Year 4