16 December 2020

This month the children have been learning about celebrations and healthy living. We have been talking about our birthdays and how we celebrate. The children loved talking about their birthday photos and shared them with the class.

We then moved on to learning about healthy and unhealthy foods. It is important to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables in a day. We learnt that being healthy was not just about what we eat, but sleep, exercise and being happy are all part of healthy living. Children then learnt how crucial it is to look after our teeth.

The children also made a yummy fruit salad with Helen from Ufton.

In Mathematics, we explored number stories using both addition and subtraction. We have then been learning about 3D shapes and repeating patterns. The children have been creating their own.

In preparation for Christmas, we have enjoyed singing Christmas songs and learning the Christmas story. The children have been busy helping Santa wrap presents in our Santa’s Workshop role play area.

Reception highlights