22 October 2020

October has been a great month for Year 6! There are more and more children attending the booster sessions. These are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:15am. It would be great to see as many children as possible – there is a reward breakfast at the end of the half term for those who have attended regularly. On a Monday, we focus on reading; on Tuesday, we focus on Maths and on Friday it's SPAG.   

The children have been working hard and have finished their place value and calculation units in Maths. Some of us found long division tricky at first but everyone can now use and apply it!

In writing, we have been telling the story of Macbeth meeting the witches. There were lots of fantastic examples of sentence structures and vocabulary. I especially loved the sentence, 'the now blood-stained grass danced in the wind' and 'the icy curtain of rain made his journey even more difficult'! Now we have finished reading Macbeth, we have moved on to Street Child, a book about an orphan in the Victorian times.

The children have continued their investigations in Science and have looked at how we see objects and what is refraction – the children have massively improved their scientific vocabulary and predictions. We have also finished our topic on North America by comparing it to Reading and our local area; there were plenty of differences and some similarities!

In PSHE we have been discussing mental health and how we can look after ourselves and others. This was linked to our wellbeing afternoon, where we did what we enjoy with who we enjoy spending time with! We discussed the importance of celebrating each other and our differences on Mental Health Awareness day so it was great to see what we all enjoy doing, building on our friendships and taking the time to look after ourselves.

Please contact me if you have any questions by emailing year6@ranikhetacademy.co.uk.

Year 6 highlights