22 October 2020

The children have been busy exploring all things Autumn this month! Books this term have included: Wow, Said the Owl, We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt and Meg and Mog.

The children have been busy investigating the seasonal changes and created art based on autumnal flowers and colourful leaves. 

They’ve learned lyrics and actions to the Autumn part of the Seasons Song.

They have also learned about Halloween, and traditions that some people will be taking part in on the 31st October.

They created sensory boxes and autumnal wristbands with natural materials. 

The children practised measuring out ingredients in the Mud Kitchen to concoct witches’ brew with colourful foaming mixtures and made their own Jack O Lanterns using clay and sculpting tools. 

We also investigated pumpkins and squashes which are harvested at this time of year. 

Nursery highlights