21 October 2020

This month has been incredibly busy. In Literacy, we have written an explanation text about 'How we hear' which links to our Science topic, 'Sound'. The children have spent three weeks learning the features of an explanation text and then putting them into practice.

In Maths, we have focused on the four key operations and developing our understanding of place value. A big focus for us has been our arithmetic work. The children complete 7 questions at the beginning of every session and then apply this to a short 10 question test on a Friday. It has been fantastic to see the scores progress from 1 or 2 correct at the start of term, to 7 or 8 correct now! Everyone has made progress and that is something we are really proud about!

We have also now finished our Geography unit on Rainforests. Our final sessions were about deforestation. The children researched the reasons for this and then created a fact page, followed by some great posters!

Our Art project has seen the children explore negative space through relief printing. As our topic for art was interior design; we finished the unit by creating 'wallpaper' using repeated patterns made through our foam board relief prints.

This month, we also had our wellbeing afternoon. It was a lovely way to come together as a class. The children led the activities and decided to play together with some of the equipment, before we all took part in a huge game of hide and seek. There were some great hiding spaces!

It's been a very busy month! We all looked forward to a well-earned break over half-term! #proudtobelong

Year 4 highlights