20 October 2020

The first term flew past and it was a busy one indeed. I am very proud of all the Dahl students showing excellent perseverance this term! Sadly, we are saying farewell to a great member of the class as he is moving to a new school. We wish you all the best in your new adventures, Dhruv! You are going to be missed!

In Maths, we have been learning all about triangle fact diagrams and vertical partitioning and how important times tables are in our daily Maths learning. I would like to encourage children to practise more times tables at home going forward.

Our Art is taking shape and we thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece exploring Cubism. Our final step is to edit and add some materials to give it a 3D finish, even Mrs Stark got involved with her own piece.

Did you know? The longest river in Italy is called Po and stretches over 652 km long. 'European Neighbours' has been our focus topic in Geography and we have enjoyed exploring the major cities and their features. We created a fact file about Italy which was our favourite country. Using an Atlas to pinpoint where Italy is on the world map was a discovery highlight.

In RE, we focused on Hinduism as a religion. We have learnt that Hindus use a Mandir to pray to their Gods and explored their different types of gods and celebrations they have such as the Holi and Diwali festivals. We were very fortunate to have a member of the class who follows Hinduism and was able to make us a special poster about the festivals they celebrate.

Year 3 highlights