19 October 2020

This month has been a busy one for Reception as we have been learning so many new things. The children have been engaged in their phonics learning and we are on a mission to sound talk to help our friend 'Metal Mike' understand what we are saying. 

We have continued learning about our families and our environment. We collected autumn treasures and talked about what is happening at this time of the year. Lots of children found colourful leaves, spiky objects, conkers and acorns. We used our senses to explore the autumn treasures and we extended our vocabulary by using words, such as prickly, spiky, colourful, crunchy, smooth and rough.

The children have enjoyed learning the story "Peace at Last" by Jill Murphy. We have been using a story map to retell the story and the children have been 'Super Storytellers'. We were thrilled when the postman popped by and dropped us a letter from Mrs. Bear, asking for some ideas for Mr. Bear to get better sleep.

Some children advised that Mr. Bear should take a lavender pouch to bed; the smell could help him to relax. There was a suggestion that a warm bath or a cup of warm milk might help him sleep better. We later discovered that Mr. Bear's birthday was coming up so we all made him some birthday cards. 

In PSHE we have been talking about our feelings and how we can be a good friend. 

The children enjoyed a popcorn party treat on the last day of term to celebrate filling the marble jar by working together as a team and being ready, respectful and safe.

Reception highlights