28 September 2020

The children have had a great start to the term and are settling-in well to their new class.  

This term our topic is ‘Magical Me’.

We have talked about our expectations and school rules which help to keep us happy, safe and ready to learn.

The children have also been learning about emotions and how important it is to use our words to explain how we are feeling. They have been learning about colours and matching them to their emotions.

The children have also been learning about their families and their surroundings. They’ve looked very closely at their unique features and created self-portraits for our hanging art gallery.

They have been learning about parts of their bodies and had great fun drawing around each other and labelling parts of the body.

We have also been talking about our family members and pets. The children then painted pictures of their family members and created a montage for our Who Lives in Our Home display.

Nursery highlights