20 April 2020

The children here at The Ranikhet Academy not only thrive in PE but also depend on it as an integral part of their life here.

National guidelines state that children need to be active for 30 minutes a day. This is of the upmost importance to keep your child healthy - both mentally and physically.

The sports team suggest that whilst keeping yourself safe is paramount, it's still important that children get daily fresh air, whether it’s going to play in the garden or going for a walk.

We also suggest that children get into a set routine of waking up at a certain time, kick-starting their day with a healthy breakfast and having a structured day as far as possible. This will help keep your child mentally and physically fit.

P.E. Department's helpful ideas for how to stay active

5 important tips to keep healthy:

  • Be active each day - make sure this is 30 minutes a day.
  • Choose water as a drink.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables.
  • Switch off the screen and get active.
  • Eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives, like apples, carrots or melon.

5 Important tips to stay active:

  1. Limit screen time, get moving more.
  2. Try something new like Just Dance or Joe Wicks' routines (above).
  3. Make chores fun e.g. when cleaning your room, incorporate music.
  4. Create fun and exciting exercises: mini-Olympics, fitness circuits e.g. star jumps, spotty dogs, leg drives (see the images for inspiration!)
  5. Have Fun!

Keeping Active