2 March 2020

Welcome to School News! We are going to tell you about some of our activities and learning from this month.


Assemblies are important because we all get together and every Friday we earn certificates for special things we have done right. In assemblies, we have been talking about Inside Out and we have been practising singing. In singing assemblies, we have sung many beautiful songs like our REAch2 song.

We have also learned about Inside Out. Inside Out is a place that helps you focus on being respectful and safe. Only a few people can go on the trip where they do so many activities, like horse riding, exploring the outdoors and so on. However, in the assemblies we learn about the keys to happiness. 

Team Super Schools

Recently, Team Super Schools came to visit Ranikhet Academy. (If you don't know what this is, it is when a special athlete comes to see how well we are doing and does some sports activities with us!) They brought Samantha Murray (a famous person who does Pentathlons).

The Year 6 children set up the hall and we had to tell different classes when it was time. It was exciting! Each class came one-by-one to the hall. We did different exercises for Reception and Year 1. They all did each exercise for 5 minutes. We had an outstanding assembly and got to ask her lots of questions. She said each child should do 60 minutes of exercise daily and eat fruit and vegetables like carrots and bananas, which contain potassium inside them which is good for your body.