28 February 2020

This month we have finished looking at our topic: Dinosaurs. The children explored being palaeontologists and have hunted for dinosaur fossils. They found lots of fossils that could have been dinosaur bones! The children have been imagining what it would be like if the dinosaurs came back; who would you like to meet and why? Luckily we have also learned about what the word 'extinct' means and that dinosaurs are extinct so they can’t come back! Phew! 

The children in Nursery have been setting different challenges for other children in the school. We challenged some of the Year 5 children to see if they were as brave as the Nursery children in holding Mylo the millipede.

The children and Mrs Ducker have also been carrying out egg investigations in our exciting home learning project.

To celebrate the end of our dinosaur project, the children invited the parents in to celebrate all their amazing learning.

Finally, the children in Nursery have met some new friends this month. Every week, two children from each session get to take a bear home and read the very special story that the bear has chosen. These are our 'Bedtime Story with Bear' packs to promote and encourage a love of reading. The first children to take these home were very excited. I wonder who will be next?

Nursery - Feb