20 February 2020

This term, Rosen Class have been super busy! We had many visits from Silky the fairy (from the book 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Bylton). She kept leaving us clues and letters to visit the woods (Louisehill Corpse). At one point, she even left us a letter explaining that she heard people talking about building houses and a new school in the woods! We then wrote some persuasive letters in English to tell the builders not to cut down our forest!

During our trips to the woods we used our five senses by making potions, looking into mirrors and exploring the woods with mirrors and let’s not forget the hot chocolate at fruit time! 

In Science, we learnt about the plants and trees. We used this knowledge in the forest to spot deciduous and evergreen trees and we also learnt about the parts of the plant by using the nature around us to make a large plant.

Also using our time in the forest, we saw many different animals and bugs; we built dens to make their homes and we cooked for them.  

In Topic, we learnt about maps and made some huge maps whilst we were in the forest. We also used our art skills and made some clay faces!

In Maths, back in the classroom, we have been learning about halves and quarters, so we made pizza baguettes - separating them into halves and quarters. We also took our maths skills back outside by making 2D and 3D shapes using sticks!

We also made some lovely cards on Valentine’s Day! And finally, we also went outside (again) with nature/nurture to complete a wild workout; this involved working-out while pretending to be animals.

Year 1 - Feb