30 January 2020

It has been a ROARsome start to the term in Nursery. Our new topic is about Dinosaurs! First an egg appeared and the children needed to work out what was inside; the children used their imagination to try and predict this. They came up with some super ideas including: a spider, dinosaur and dragon. When it hatched the children were so excited to see that it was a dinosaur! We have created our own hatching dinosaurs developing our hand eye co-ordination.

The children have learnt lots of facts about dinosaurs! We have learnt the names of the dinosaurs and if they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. Did you know the spikes on the back of a stegosaurus are called 'plates'?

The children used their investigation skills and knowledge of dinosaurs to work out what had visited the nursery. After predicting what it was they were very excited to watch CCTV footage of a T -Rex that came into the Nursery at night!

To support the children’s muscular hand development, the children have started Motor Mondays. This term we have been focusing on the development of their fine motor skills. One activity was scrunching up tissue paper to create our own dinosaurs.

To develop the children’s gross motor skills, we have introduced the children to the daily mile. Where the children run, hop, skip or walk a circuit for 15 minutes with their friends. The children really enjoy this and ask when it's time for the daily mile as soon as they arrive!

January Nursery