23 January 2020

In Maths, Rosen class have enjoyed learning about telling the time - to the hour and the half past - as well as learning about patterns, ordering numbers from 1-100 and learning to count in 5s with money. Rosen class' favourite activity was making their own pattern for a necklace out of paints and pasta. We got very messy!

This term, we have been learning about the story of the ‘Enchanted Wood’ By Enid Blyton in reading skills. In Nurture/Nature, we have been re-creating the story of the 'Enchanted Wood' where we had a visit from Silky the Fairy who left a letter for Miss Barker. We were told to follow the string into the woods, where we were given more clues to follow. Eventually the clues told us to find the tree with the largest girth where we would find Silky's house. Silky then taught us how to make some magical potions; we had so much fun!

In English, we are setting a scene using descriptive writing. We have also been doing a lot of this within our Nurture/Nature lessons. We have been talking about our five senses when outside: touch, sight, hear, taste and smell and we have been using our adjectives to describe them and put them into our writing. Of course the smell part was always about the delicious hot chocolate!

In Science, we have been learning about plants. We have been learning names for the trees and the flowers as well as being able to categorise evergreen and deciduous trees. We have learned the names of the parts of the trees and plants. We also got to do this practically in Nurture/Nature.

Jan Year 1