10 December 2019

Year 5 trip to Hampton Court

Walliams Class enjoyed an incredible trip to the home of England's most famous King! Despite the weather, the children were beyond enthusiastic about putting their learning into practice, asking detailed and thoughtful questions in the workshop they took part in. They were able to see first-hand how Henry VIII lived, studied his many trinkets and learned about his demands! The kitchen appeared to be a huge favourite with the children! 

Inside Out

Year 5 began their journey into mindfulness, as 10 children travelled to Checkendon Equestrian Centre to take part in various activities. The group began with relaxing exercises and were taught how to analyse and control some of the emotions they feel on a daily basis.

After lunch, they were taken on horseback through the ancient woods and were shown how to care for their horses. I was amazed at the effort and determination shown by the children and the session has already had an impact back at school. I can't wait to take another group to Checkendon in January!

Dec Year 5