10 December 2019

This term, Year 1 have been super busy! Last term we were writing fact-files about Grace Darling. This term we began by painting our lighthouse to go on display to show off all of our lovely work.

This term Rosen Class have been learning how to write instructions in English. We began by writing instructions on how to make a jam sandwich but, of course, not before we had made and eaten a jam sandwich!

After we had made the jam sandwich, we then learnt about Remembrance day and why we celebrate it. We also discussed why we felt it is important to wear the poppy as well as learning why we wear a poppy. We then made our own poppies and then wrote our instructions for them.

Then, for Children in Need, we made our own money box. We then wrote instructions and we will soon be sharing our instructions with the year 3s to see if they can follow them.

Dec year 1