3 December 2019

In November, Nursery focused on the topic 'People Who Help Us'. The children have explored what it is like to be a Fire Officer, taking on the roles of a Fire Officer, putting out fires and saving cats from trees. We have also made our own fire engine using shapes that we are able to name.

For Remembrance Day, the children learned about why we wear poppies and created our own poppies using buttons.

To round off November, we learned about the dentist. We have learned about how to keep our teeth clean and when we have a problem with them to go to the dentist. We have conducted a science experiment using eggs to see what happens if we don’t brush our teeth. The results have even wowed Miss Callaway and Miss Heneghan! 

The children were all given a free toothbrush by Dr Rabbit and were challenged to brush their teeth twice a day.

In December, we have focused on Christmas. We have looked at the meaning of Christmas by learning a story about a special baby being born. We have performed this to our parents at Nursery’s Christmas Singalong. We have also written letters to Santa and made festive cards.

Dec Nursery