16 October 2019

Year 6 have been very busy this month! We have written our stories about Macbeth and finished reading the book. The children included some fantastic vocabulary in their writing and challenged themselves to use extra details to intrigue the reader.

In Maths, we have been learning lots of new concepts, including multiplying and dividing fractions. The children have grown in their resilience and it has shown in their maths lessons! 

Many thanks to all parents who have been supporting their children at home and to those who came to parents' evening. Please continue reading with your children at home and discussing the books that they have been reading - it is a massive help to the children. 

Reception children and Year 6 buddy scheme update

The Reception children met their Year 6 buddies this month. They have read to each other and played games so that they can get to know each other. It is fantastic to see the Year 6 children becoming role models for the younger children in school and taking on new responsibilities - we are very proud of how they have approached the project. 

After half term, they will be taking part in an art project. Watch this space to see the results! 

October Highlights from Year 6