31 May 2019

Early Years have dived deep ‘Under the Sea’ to explore a wide range of sea creatures this term.

We have been learning facts about our chosen sea creatures, the children were most fascinated to find out that dolphins sleep with one eye open to protect themselves from predators. The children have been thinking about sharing through reading the Rainbow fish and thinking of ways that they can show sharing and caring skills in class.

Furthermore, the children have learnt about ‘sea pollution’ and how it is harming living things under the sea. The children have been making posters to warn humans to throw their rubbish in the bin.

A special thank you to our parents for supporting your child with their project homework, they look amazing and we have displayed them in our classroom.

The children have worked extremely hard in mathematics where they have been sharing, doubling and halving numbers.

The children have been transitioned well into using the big playground this term and we will continue using this area next term in order to get children ready for year 1.

Thank you to all the parents that have added any observations on Tapestry this term and well done to those who have taken part in the ‘Technology Observation Challenge’. The children have been awarded marbles to go in the jar.

Next term, our topic in ‘Down in the Jungle’ and we look forward to our trip to Marwell Zoo.

Under the Sea in Early Years