3 May 2019

By Stephanie Weissman Founder and CEO of INSIDE OUT

I had another fantastic follow-up visit at Ranikhet Academy on 3rd May.

It began with 2 unexpected bonuses. The 1st: when I arrived, I had the pleasure of seeing Executive Headteacher Sal Ducker. The 2nd one: I also got to spend time with Head of School Louisa Compton. She and her amazing Assistant Headteacher Ben Thomas (who continues to be INSIDE OUT lead at Ranikhet) brought me up to speed as to where they are as a school. We had a super chat and I was so impressed with their passionate commitment to their children and plans moving forward.

I was then joined by teachers Jane Gardener and Theresa Young, who always bring a smile to my face, and our latest group of brill Year 5 INSIDE OUTers, who participated in a Magical Day Out at Checkendon Equestrian Centre on 14th February. The children were very eager to talk about their horses. They spoke with lots of enthusiasm about how they learned how to ride, feed, treat and clean a horse! Miss G added that she also learned how to French plait their manes! It was great to hear one child say that he learned he was more creative than he thought. When asked how they felt on their Magical Day Out, they shared that they felt amazing, happy and excited and and loved the freedom to explore nature. One child admitted that she was both excited and worried at the beginning because it was her 1st time. I was really taken by the children’s willingness to talk openly. Miss G also chimed in how very proud she was of everyone on the day. What will leave a very lasting impression on me was how when one child was searching for his words, as English is not his first language, the other children came immediately to his aid and tried to help him articulate what he wanted to say. And how the children, without any prompting from me or their teachers, individually wrote ‘Thank You’ to our INSIDE OUT team numerous times on a special scroll we created together.

I have said it before and will say it again … Ranikhet rocks!

Ranikhet Rocks!