1 April 2019

This term Ranikhet have had a big push on attendance. Our goal is that every child is here everyday - but our journey begins with ensuring that attendance as a school is at a minimum of 96%.

To raise the profile of this we have begun a weekly attendance VLOG (which you can see on the website) and the winning classes from each Key Stage receive a £10 voucher to spend, as well as the coveted Ranikhet Attendance Trophy or the highly sort after Bruno the attendance Bear.

The children are already beginning to talk about how they need to be in and the competition is hotting up!

The initial winners have already decided on what they will be spending their voucher on. Mostly it is fluffy pens and smelly pencils - however, one year group have decided to save their voucher to buy a bigger prize for the class. Year 1 have decided that they would like to get a class pet - so confident that they will win again.

Well done to the winning classes so far! There will be an extra special prize for the first class to reach 100%!

Come on guys - You can do it!