29 March 2019


Our new topic this term has been Growing and Changing. We started the topic off with how we have grown from a baby to child. We looked at photos of us as babies and talked about how much we have changed we even had baby Esmae come and visit us.

We were really eggcited! In nursery to welcome our hatchlings (baby chicks) we got to observe them hatching from the egg. To celebrate the arrival of the chicks we had a stay-and -play session where parents and children handled the chicks and took part in some creative activities. We all now can talk about the lifecycle of a hen.

We have been reading the story Jasper’s Beanstalk and we have planted some vegetables in clear containers so we watch them grow. We have also explored vegetables and fruit that have seeds inside them.

EYFS are looking forward to holding an Easter bake sale after school on 5th April to raise funds for Early Years.


Our topic this term had been all about growing and change. The children have used a variety of media to create their own drawings of plants.  We have role played in the Garden Centre and bought some interesting plants for our friends.

We had some special visitors in our class for two weeks, whom arrived as eggs and returned as chicks. We have had so much fun learning about the hen life cycle and children enjoyed handling the chicks. Thank you to Mrs Compton for looking after our chicks during the weekend.

We have also looked closely at our baby photos and talked about how we have changed and what things we couldn’t do as babies.

We look forward to inviting our mummies for ‘afternoon tea’ to show how much we love them. The children have written personal invitations to their mums.

Growing & Changing in Early Years