Times of the school day

The School day is from 8.45am to 3.15pm

Children are able to come into the building from 8.45am to do early morning work.

The register is taken at 8:55am and 12.45 (Nursery), 1.00pm (KS1) or 1.15pm (KS2). 

At 8:55am the external doors to the school are closed and anyone arriving late must go to the school's office to gain access and to register children.

Children get a mid morning break in KS1 from 10:25am-10:40am and KS2 from 10:45am-11:00am. Children in the Early Years are able to use the outside area flexibly so do not have a 'break time'.

Children get 45 mins for lunchtime.

Please collect children promptly, if you are delayed please ring the school.

If a child is to go home with another adult make sure your child and the class teacher know.