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Please click on the following link to view our curriculum design - Our Curriculum Design for Our Ranikhet Child

Curriculum & Project Overviews 2020-21

If you would like any further information about the curriculum, please contact James Wye in the school office - admin@ranikhetacademy.co.uk 

Knowledge Organisers

As part of our new curriculum, the teachers have created knowledge organisers for each subject and it's topic. The purpose of a knowledge organiser is it gives a snapshot of the children's learning with key information, vocabulary and images broken down into bitesize chunks. These are shared with the children at the start of each topic and referred to throughout the unit of work. Whilst they contain a great deal of key information, by the end of the unit, the children's knowledge should be much deeper and broader than what is on the sheet. 

The knowledge organisers will also be available to you as parents via the curriculum page on the school website. Please take some time to explore the learning your child is undertaking this half term and check back her next half term to see what is next. You could even quiz your children on what they are learning and see what they remember! 

EYFS Knowledge Organisers 20-21

Year 1 Knowledge Organisers Summer 2020-21

Year 2 Knowledge Organisers Summer 2020-21

Year 3 Knowledge Organisers Summer 2020-21

Year 4 Knowledge Organisers Summer 2020-21

Year 5 Knowledge Organisers Summer 2020-21

Year 6 Knowledge Organisers Summer 2020-21