In school, we use Rising Stars materials to ensure there is progression of skills and knowledge for maths. It develops a mastery-based approach set out in the National Curriculum; the children build fluency as well as reasoning and problem skills. Each term children will revisit parts of the four key strands: Number Sense, Additive Reasoning, Multiplicative Reasoning and Geometry to ensure they are building on their current knowledge. Alongside Rising Stars, we also use a range of supplementary resources. Each lesson, children will start with an arithmetic starter to ensure they are building fluency within their expected standard.

Timestable Rockstars

It is important that all children know the time tables facts up to 12 x 12. Children can practise regularly, and therefore remember more, using Timestable Rockstars. Please speak to your child's class teacher for log in details. There will be weekly winners announced in class assemblies!

Access Timestable Rockstars here

Calculation Policy

Our Calculation Policy develops a concrete, pictorial and abstract understanding of mathematical concepts. View our calculation policy below.

Calculation Policy


Knowledge Organisers

Year 1 Knowledge Organisers - Maths

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Year 4 Knowledge Organisers - Maths

Year 5 Knowledge Organisers - Maths

Year 6 Knowledge Organisers - Maths

PIXL Timestable App

All Year 4 children are expected to know the times table facts up to 12 x 12. To support your children, please encourage them to use the PiXL times table app, which can be downloaded to any smart device. Children will need the school's access code and their log in details. For these, please speak to the class teachers, who can provide the children with this information.

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