Welcome to Year 1

We are all Proud to Belong to Ranikhet Academy. We are all Ready, Respectful and Safe.

Meet the Team

KS1 Leader - Misss Becky Hoke

Teacher - Mrs Jody Robinson

KS1 LSA - Ms Theresa Young
KS1 LSA - Mrs Shazia Tahir
KS1 LSA - Mrs Jena Barnett


Teachers will greet children at 8:45am and lead them into the class for registration. The gates then lock at 8:55, at which point you are required to sign your child in at the school office.

  • Please bring your reading book bag to school every day. 
  • Homework is sent home on Friday and collected in on Wednesday.
  • Our library book day is Thursday.
  • P.E. kit needs to be brought in on a Monday and kept in school and taken home on a Friday.