Welcome to Year 3

We are all Proud to Belong to Ranikhet Academy. We are all Ready, Respectful and Safe. This is a very exciting year as the children bridge the gap between key stage 1 and key stage 2. This year our focus is on being able to work successfully with all the different children in our class.

Meet the Team

KS1 Leader - Ms Becky Hoke

Teacher - Mrs S Davies (Mon-Weds) & Mr A Whitfield (Thurs-Fri)

KS2 LSA - Mrs Janet Klatt
KS2 LSA - Miss Alison Coggs
KS2 LSA - Miss Jane Gardener


Teachers will greet children at 8:45am and lead them into the class for registration. The gates then lock at 8:55, at which point you are required to sign your child in at the school office.

This half term we have PE on a Monday.

Due to new COVID-19 changes, please only bring your PE kit on Monday. Children are to come to school dressed in their school uniform.

Homework is set weekly, with various activities.  When homework is completed, it is shared in front of the class.